My mother gave me away!

47 years ago on the 22nd of July, for reasons I do not know, my mother gave me away! I was whisked away from her at birth and placed under the care of nurses at the hospital where I was born.

Abandoned Baby on Beach

It will be 47 years ago this coming 3rd of August that a young couple adopted me into their family and treated me like I was their own. They named me Michael, which without them initially knowing is evidently what my biological mother would have called me. I was also born 19 years to the day that my adoptive dad’s brother was killed in the Second World War at age 19. And although I was not always a good son I could not have wished for more loving parents! They loved me through thick and thin.

Just over 26 years ago because of the work of the Holy Spirit in my life I was adopted into the family of God by God the Father through the work of the Lord Jesus Christ! And although I have not always been a good son I have the most loving Father ever! He has continued to love me through sick and sin.

I have since discovered that it was always the plan of my heavenly Father that I would be given away, adopted, loved, adopted again and be loved eternally! And so I am so grateful to God that He always works all things for His glory and my good even when it doesn’t seem like it at first… and that is why I so appreciate the story of Joseph in the OT because it so clearly teaches us that (Genesis 37 – 50).

If you have been adopted into God’s family through faith in Christ you need to know that you have a Father who loves you always even when your past or current circumstances seem to say otherwise and you think or feel otherwise. He will always work things out for His glory and your good in the end… even if it takes a while to see that. That is what He says in the Bible, that is what I and countless other have experienced.

“Father for those of us who struggle to see Your glory and our good in our own situations please empower us through Your Holy Spirit to really grasp that it is true and have joy and peace of mind about that. I ask that in Jesus’ name…”


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