Why don’t y’all keep quiet and get on with gospel work!

Stop complaining.

I have noticed an increasing number of self-appointed critics who have decided that any form of “institutional” church has very little resemblance if any to true Biblical faith. What that means the Lord alone knows because it seems to differ from one subjective opinion to another. And anyway as soon as 2 or 3 people start getting together for gospel purposes institutes and traditions (like in any healthy family) start forming. Wake up and smell the coffee. The moaning and groaning that comes from these quarters does more damage to the gospel than most other things.

And while I believe that we should speak out against the sin the Bible speaks out against whether that be in the form of any false (unbiblical) teaching, racism, materialism and any other evil in the church… what really gets my goat is when judgmental sweeping generalizations are made against whole Christian movements just because they have certain traditions and structures (like any healthy family does)… or Lord forbid make mistakes and don’t operate as perfectly as the critics do (or at least that is the impression given).

God is still using whole denominations and groupings of independent churches (which are really denominations in disguise) around the world (yes the atlas has more to it than the USA and Canada) to redeem many thousands of people and disciple them as Jesus followers.

I believe there are many right ways to do church so that it reflects Biblical faith and that includes the way the critics of the institutional church do it. And those different ways reach different people – praise God for the diversity that He has brought about.

So let’s be truly Biblical and understand that God wants to and is using the diversity to reach different people.


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