Let’s stop moaning and celebrate Jesus this Christmas!

When Roman Christians decided to replace a pagan festival with a celebration of the coming to earth of the Son of God… who cares if they got the date wrong (we don’t even know for sure when He was born), what matters is they decided to celebrate Jesus. Let’s do the same!

Yes, Christmas can end up in one big “secular” (I don’t really like that word) money-making exercise for business… but we don’t have to let that consume us! As we buy gifts for our loved ones let’s celebrate the greatest love gift given to mankind when God the Father gave His one and only Son to the world so that we might be saved. Let’s celebrate our Father’s love and Jesus!

Clearly many of the Christmas cards and some of the Carols get the biblical story wrong… well let’s gently and with respect tell people the real story from the Bible and be known more for celebrating Jesus coming to earth more than for how clever we are at moaning about all the faults of those who get it wrong. Let’s celebrate Jesus!

A Danish Christmas tree illuminated with burni...

I know that at Christmas we have to stand in much longer queues and deal with people we would normally avoid like the plague… but let’s get over ourselves and as we celebrate Jesus remember how much it must have “inconvenienced” Him to become a human to save us and thank God that most churches will double their attendance and many people will hear the gospel for the first time this year… and that we will have more opportunities to talk about Jesus at Christmas than at most other times of the year. Let’s celebrate Jesus and the wonderful gospel opportunities we get at this time of the year!

Let’s celebrate Jesus and the joy of His salvation that began with His coming to earth as a human which most of the world “celebrates” on the 25th of December. What a wonderful opportunity for us to stop moaning and celebrate Jesus this Christmas!

Have a joyful Christmas





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