A Prayer for Japan

Lord while You are always  in control of all things in ways that go beyond our minds and logic and according to your Word in a way that always works out for Your glory and the good of those who love and will love You we reel at the magnitude of this disaster. Our hearts go out to those weeping and mourning in Japan!

Orthographic Projection of Japan (green) and i...

Please help all who are helping the people of Japan to be successful in their rescuing, medical and logistical help. Please bring the nuclear threat to nothing. Please may there be no more earthquakes and tsunamis. May there be less people killed than expected. Thank you for all those that managed to escape the destruction.

Most importantly Lord, please enable Your people in Japan to be loving, comforting, influential disciple-making disciples at this time of great destruction and death. Please allow Your Holy Spirit to be an even more powerful tsunami of salvation over this whole country. Please allow Your Holy Spirit to shake and crumble the foundations of unbelief and allow Your Son Jesus to be seen as the Way of rescue and salvation. Please allow the hurting people of Japan to see that real power and love can never be shaken, washed away, shut down or explode because it is Jesus who controls all things for His glory and the good of those who love Him and will love Him even when we don’t see it like that!


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