Some reflections on the 21st of May “End of the world” prophecy

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The Bible does say that one day this world will come to an end, be destroyed and God will create a new heavens and earth. BUT THERE IS NO INDICATION AT ALL IN THE BIBLE AS TO A DATE WHEN THIS WILL HAPPEN. NOR WILL THE HOLY SPIRIT LET ANYONE HERE ON EARTH IN ON A DATE BEFORE THE TIME… EVER.

Even the so called “signs of the end times” teaching (without a specific date) is mostly a misunderstanding of the Bible. Go and read church history – every generation from Biblical times has believed it was their generation when the end would come and could “show” all the signs and even who the anti-Christ was. The Bible says He will come as a “thief in the night” when no one is expecting Him not even His own (time wise, but they will be ready to meet Him life wise).

And when it comes to this kind of prophecy and prophecy in general, whatever kind of prophecy went on in the Old Testament and even New Testament times… when it comes to Paul setting out what should happen in the local church from that time onwards (in the pastoral epistles) he says that pastors should have good character, teach the Bible and do the work of an evangelist. Pastors are not called to be issuing “new revelation prophecy” about what God is or isn’t going to do. We should be teaching and living out what God has already revealed in the Bible and helping our people do the same. Yes it seems more exciting to be giving all sorts of “fresh” stuff but lets regain our confidence in the Bible and Paul’s directive to “prophesy” the Bible day in and out… and then amongst other things the reputation of the gospel wont be subjected to the kind of nonsense we have just witnessed.

By the way, I wish the world had ended on the 21st of May because my family and I (by God’s saving grace) are ready to be with Jesus in the new creation which is by far better than living down here in this fallen place.

The world could end soon, I don’t know – Are you ready?


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