How to experience real peace and joy!

Peace begins with love

Sabbatical reflection 4: I find it easy to constantly live with guilt over the past and worry about the present and future. As a Jesus follower I must learn to enjoy the present journey with Him, who loves me, trusting in His forgiveness of all my sin and sovereign good for my past, present and future in spite of me.

I often get caught up in feeling guilty about past sins and worrying about the “bad” things that will happen to me in the present and future. And humanly speaking that is normal.

But according to the Bible there is no condemnation for me in Christ, my sin has been dealt with (Romans 6: 1 – 4). And I don’t need not worry about anything today or tomorrow because the same God who has forgiven me my sin also loves and cares for me every day (Matthew 6: 27 – 34). And all this in spite of me. What peace and joy!

Now either I believe these great blessings with the Holy Spirit’s help, or insult my Lord through my unbelief and forfeit the peace and joy that is mine in Him!

What about you?


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