Do you get defensive when criticized?

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I do! And I am trying not to! An article I read made me put down this reflection while on Sabbatical:

Sabbatical reflection 8: It is easy for us as Christians to get defensive when people criticize us but we must all learn to remember that we are worse than our critics know (we tend to have amnesia about our sinfulness when dealing with critics) and yet still loved by God because we are in Christ.

We are worse than our critics know. If we had a DVD that we could eject from our heads and on that DVD was everything we had looked at as the visuals, everything we had said and thought as the sound track, our real motives supplied by God as the subtitles… how many of our critics and even friends would know that about us? I rest my case. It is also worth reflecting on Paul’s honesty in Romans 7: 15 – 20 and John’s reminder in 1 John 1: 8.

And guess what? God sees all on that DVD and yet in Christ still loves us deeply! Paul’s solution to his sinful condition is the loving grace of God in Christ! Romans 7: 24 – 8: 4. And John’s solution to the fact that we are sinful is the same. 1 John 1: 9 – 2: 2.

So bring on the critics they will only criticize about surface stuff and none of that will change how much God loves us in Christ!


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